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Who is Snuggles?

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Who is that sad looking bear you see everywhere? It's Snuggles!!! Snuggles is the official mascot character of BAKENEKO. He is a shape shifting zombie-bear that loves to hunt for human brain. But he was not always the face of the brand.

When I first created Snuggles, he was just another one of my sticker characters that I randomly came up with. A cute little bear with zombie features. After posting several pictures of Snuggles 'slapped' around Tokyo, I was surprised to see lots of positive feedback in the comments. This is when I found out Snuggles’s potential to become a global phenomenon.

Snuggles & Collabs

Shortly after, my good friend, Unividuals (@theunividuals), who I was starting to get to know at the time suggested to collaborate on designs involving Snuggles. Our designs turned out amazing and reached thousands of accounts in a matter of days. Snuggles had quickly become associated to the BAKENEKO name.

Soon Snuggles found himself shapeshifting even more through collaborations with other artists on Instagram. I worked on Snuggles collabs with KONIDUB (@konidub), Haole Velha (@haolevelha), Scripto TCD (@scripto_tcd), Eeka Freaka (@eeka.freaka), and more! One of my favorite things about my brand is being able to connect with artists and customers on Instagram!

Later, new species of Snuggles were discovered in the forms of Pink Snuggles, Snowy Snuggles, Grim Reaper Snuggles, with many more yet to be uncovered. Snuggles designs can be found on stickers as well as many of my merchandise, so be sure to check them out!

Keep it shifty!


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