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Reaching 2000 Followers!

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Bakeneko is reaching 2000 followers on Instagram... A thank you to my followers.

I am lost for words...2000 of you have followed my Instagram account, and it hasn’t even been a year since I started BAKENEKO. This is absolutely insane. I have nothing to thank but all of you who have supported me since day one. Thank you!

When I first launched my account almost a year ago, I was sitting with Vlot (@vlotboardbag),

a very talented and widely known street artist in the sticker tagging community in Japan. Knowing my passion for art, he introduced me to sticker tagging, which I fell in love with instantly. Over the past year, he has become a mentor to me, showing me around the streets, teaching me tagging techniques. BAKENEKO would not have existed without him. Arigato Vlot!

The great thing about stickers is it brings the world a little closer to you. I have made many talented artist friends from all around the world through trades, collaborations, and just through chatting on Instagram. Now BAKENEKO stickers and goodies can be found across many oceans, which still amazes me everyday. To my global audience, friends, and to all my precious customers, BAKENEKO would not strive without you. Thank you!

This is just the beginning. I have many more exciting projects coming up, and I can’t wait to share them with you. But for now, I’ll drink to this wonderful milestone with my cats.

Keep it shifty!


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