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BAKENEKO is an illustration and design brand created by artist from Tokyo, Japan. 
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The work of BAKENEKO is bright, fun, and crazy but with a slight dark undertone.
The characters of the art experience conflicts within them that many people face in real life. Through these characters, human emotions, struggles, and polarity are expressed.
BAKENEKO's art process is what he likes to call "unconscious doodling": making each piece without any plan and just...creating! This way, characters depicted in each artwork become more in-touch with real emotion.

The brand started with the artist's hobby of sticker 'slapping' around the city of Tokyo. This included drawing illustrations on different types of stickers and pasting them around the city as street art. The goal was to share the art with the people of Tokyo, and Instagram. BAKENEKO started @bakeneko.bakeneko as their place to share the sticker illustrations and designs with not only Tokyo, but the rest of the world.

Not "Bake Neko".
Not "Baakey Neko". 
Definitely not "Baked Neko". Just BAKENEKO.

Bakeneko (ba-kae-neh-ko) are cat spirits, or "yokai", from Japanese mythology. They are known to be mischievous and shapeshift into other forms.

BAKENEKO is ready to shapeshift your brain drawers.