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BAKENEKO is a Japanese/American artist who initially gained recognition for his vibrant street art in Tokyo. After debuting his first solo show in Seattle, his career expanded to encompass a diverse range of personal and collaborative projects. BAKENEKO's distinctive style features colorful cartoon characters with dark undertones, exploring themes of morality and human emotion. With a multifaceted portfolio spanning NFTs, paintings, and more, his art aims to captivate viewers with thought-provoking narratives and a unique blend of playful aesthetics and profound storytelling.

BAKENEKO explores complex human emotions through his vibrant cast of cartoon characters. Set in a post-human world, these playful beings wander among the remnants of human existence. They learn about humans through the objects left behind and with a seemingly positive and childlike facade cleverly mock and play with what they learn of human emotion. With an air of playful mockery, the characters embody and exaggerate these human emotions, offering a satirical reflection of our deepest struggles. By portraying human troubles as trivial subjects, BAKENEKO's characters offer a perspective that helps us cope with our struggles and regain control over their impact on our lives, allowing us to reconsider the significance and magnitude we assign to them.

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